Whitehall Patrolman John Slosser – Officer of the Month of May

Patrolman John C. Slosser, Badge #79 with Whitehall Police has had an exceptional month of February, 2013. Over a 10-day period John made eleven or more arrests involving numerous felonies and the seizure of guns and drugs. These arrests included utilizing resources to identify an arsonist who jeopardized numerous lives when he started a fire in a department store; the culprit also had a history of arson. John responded on a call from a neighboring police agency on a report of armed robbery. When arriving in the area, Officer Slosser witnessed the suspects attempting a second robbery. John assisted in apprehending five suspects in this case. John arrested a man for OVI after a felony car chase, foot chase and resisting arrest. He also arrested individuals with active felony warrants for aggravated burglary, felonious assault and weapons violations.
John has a solid reputation with law enforcement in central Ohio. He is known for his knack of being in the right place at the right time. This is more than good luck. John creates his “luck” through diligence and an awareness of how law breakers think. When on patrol he gets outstanding results because of his incredible memory for details. He has great recall of events to include the location of occurrence, the people involved and vehicle descriptions. However, these gifts would be wasted without John’s true desire to pursue and arrest bad guys.
John has built a base of street informants that regularly contribute to his personal efforts on the street and when John learns of information or leads for cases being worked by others, he is quick to pass that information on.
Although John’s recent arrests have drawn attention, those who know him and his dedication to the job are well aware that these arrests are typical of him.
We are honored to be naming Whitehall Police Patrolman John Slosser our Officer of the Month for May 2013.