Officer Rippey Named Officer of the Month

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, along with the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9, is pleased to recognize Columbus Police Officer Samuel Rippey as the recipient of the Bryan Hurst/Tony Luzio Officer of the Month Award for the month of December.


On Thursday, June 6, 2013, CPD Officer Samuel Rippey, an 8 year veteran, was on patrol in the area of Maize and Morse when he heard a gunshot at approximately 9:30pm. Officer Rippey believed the gunshot came from the area of the shopping plaza on the southwest corner of that intersection so he reported that information to radio and drove to that location. Upon approaching the Dollar General store he observed the lights were still on and the front doors were open. Believing this to be odd, he pulled toward the store at which time he observed a male subject wearing a mask and carrying a shotgun run from the store. Officer Rippey jumped out of his cruiser and began chasing the suspect while airing the information to radio. The subject, despite being given numerous commands to stop running and to drop his weapon, refused to stop and attempted to outrun Officer Rippey. When the suspect got to a point where he was trapped he turned and pointed the shotgun at Officer Rippey, who shot the suspect in defense of himself and others. In the subsequent investigation, it was learned that the suspect held the shotgun to the head of the female store clerk and then fired the shotgun at some point during the robbery. It was also discovered that this is not the suspect’s first brush with the law.

Along with the Officer of the Month presentation, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, local clergy, and officials will be offering prayer for the safety and protection in this new year for our local law enforcement and firefighters at our 5th Annual “Bless The Badge” ceremony.

Both events will take place on January 8, 2014, at the Firefighters Union Hall, 379 West Broad Street. The Officer of the Month presentation will take place during the Bless The Badge ceremony which will start at 10:00am. A reception is to follow provided by First Watch of German Village.

Any questions, please contact Marilyn Smith at 614-645-4749.