Officer of the Month CPD Officer Kareem Kashmiry and Reception for Detective Milner

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, along with the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9, is pleased to recognize Columbus Police Officer Kareem Kashmiry as the recipient of the Bryan Hurst/Tony Luzio Officer of the Month Award for the month of May.

May Officer of the Month

On March 5, 2014, at 1:06pm, CIU Detective J Sanford was informed that the Principal of Medina Middle School had received information that a student named Dalontae Kibby had threatened to come to the school and shoot at least three students. Detective Sanford contacted patrol officers who responded and were apprised of the threats and shown photos of Mr. Kibby. As the school day was ending, it was reported to the officers that Mr. Kibby was now in the area of the school with another male. Officer Kareem Kashmiry began looking for the suspect and noticed him and another male cutting through the houses west of Karl Road and south of Lenore Ave. Officer Kashmiry proceeded down Lenore Ave and took the first alley south to catch up to the suspect. Both subjects immediately ran westbound. Officer Kashmiry began chasing the defendant between the houses, giving the defendant several verbal commands to stop. Mr. Kibby eventually ran behind and around the front of 1255 Lenore Ave where Officer Kashmiry apprehended Mr. Kibby and ordered him to the ground. Thanks to the actions of Officer Kashmiry, a potentially serious crime was averted.

The award presentation will take place on Wednesday, May 14th around 9:45am, at the Fire Fighters Union Hall located at 379 W. Broad Street.

Immediately following the meeting, there will be a reception honoring Det. Gerald Milner, who is retiring after 33 years, for his many years of exemplary service to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

Any questions, please contact Marilyn Smith at 614-645-4749.