Det. Phil Walden Named Office of the Month

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, along with the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9, is pleased to recognize Columbus Police Crime Scene Search Unit Det. Phil Walden as the recipient of the Bryan Hurst/Tony Luzio Officer of the Month Award for the month of June.

Det. Walden has been a member of CPD since December 7, 1980, and has never taken a sick day. On June 11, 1989, he transferred to Crime Scene Search Unit, where, for more than 24 years, he is still assigned. His longevity and dedication to CSSU has resulted in the arrest and prosecution of countless criminals. Det. Walden has processed nearly 5,875 crime scenes, taken more than 176,250 photographs, and collected a myriad of evidence and fingerprints. He is also responsible for getting the 1st C.A.D. drawing computer in CSSU which is used for making detailed and scaled drawings of crime scenes.

The award presentation will take place on Wednesday, July 10th, around 9:45am, at the Fire Fighters Union Hall located at 379 W. Broad Street.

Any questions, please contact Marilyn Smith at 614-645-4749.