Sherrod Gamble (Murder)

Sherrod Gamble

Suspect: Sherrod Larry-Donell Gamble Description: Male/Black, 36, 5’6”, 175lbs., Black Hair, Brown Eyes Charge: Murder                           Case Number: 2015 CR A 010460 Incident Description Sherrod Larry-Donell Gamble is being sought for Murder. On May 6, 2015, Columbus Police were called to an address on […]

North Side Columbus Theft

Screenshot (151)

On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, an unidentified male entered the Saks store in Polaris Mall. Because of suspicious behavior, Loss Prevention Officers (LPO) observed his movements and activity. At approximately 4:30pm, the male was observed taking eight items of clothing into a dressing room. The LPO confronted the suspect as he exited the fitting room, […]

Credit Card Theft in Delaware County

COW 1-25-15 2

Between Tuesday, October 13, 2014, 6:00 pm and Wednesday, October 14, 2014, 7:20 am, an unknown person(s) entered an open attached garage of a residence and removed a purse from the victim’s vehicle. Fingerprints were recovered from the vehicle that positively identified Harold Moore as one of the suspects involved. Among stolen items from the […]

Fatal Hit-Skip Accident in Pickerington

Midweek 1-7-15

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect involved in a fatal Hit-Skip accident which took place in Pickerington. On July 16, 2014, at 5:02pm, Gayle Jackowski, a 58-year old wife and mother, was killed in a tragic hit & run accident.  Mrs. Jackowski was a passenger on a motorcycle […]

Bobbi Adams (Receiving Stolen Property)

Bobbi Adams

Arrested due to tips Suspect: Bobbi Adams Description: Female, 28, 5’8”, 170lbs., Black Hair, Black Eyes Charges:Receiving Stolen Property                     Case Number: 2014CRA02137 Incident Description The Crime of the Week featured on July 27, 2014, featured an unidentified woman using a stolen credit card to make several purchases […]

Gahanna Credit Card Theft

COW 7-20-14 1

During the third week of May, 2014, an unidentified suspect, with two accomplices, was in possession of stolen credit cards from a Gahanna resident and numerous fraudulent charges were made. The suspect charged $7,000 in purchases at Target and Saks stores in Polaris. Before this occurrence, the suspect was at a Walgreens store in Grandview […]

Shaun M. Higginbotham (Forgery)

Shaun M. Higginbotham

SUSPECT: Shaun M. Higginbotham Description: Male, 33, 6’2”, 155lbs., Brown Hair, Brown Eyes CHARGES: Forgery, Receiving Stolen Property, Possession of Criminal Tools                        Incident Description: Shaun Higginbotham is being sought for receiving and retaining a stolen credit card and stolen forged personal check from a female […]

Mia Ingram: Forgery, Receiving Stolen Property

Mia Ingram

CENTRAL OHIO CRIME STOPPERS WEEKLY MOST WANTED SUSPECT:Mia Ann Ingram Description:Female/Black, 25, 5’2”, 130lbs., Black Hair, Brown Eyes CHARGES:Forgery-Utter, Receiving Stolen Property                       Case Number:2014-11819-1,2 Incident Description Mia Ann Ingram is being sought for receiving a stolen check and presenting the stolen check for cash at […]