Shaun M. Higginbotham (Forgery)

Shaun M. Higginbotham

SUSPECT: Shaun M. Higginbotham Description: Male, 33, 6’2”, 155lbs., Brown Hair, Brown Eyes CHARGES: Forgery, Receiving Stolen Property, Possession of Criminal Tools                        Incident Description: Shaun Higginbotham is being sought for receiving and retaining a stolen credit card and stolen forged personal check from a female victim and presenting the stolen check for … [Read more...]

Mia Ingram: Forgery, Receiving Stolen Property

Mia Ingram

CENTRAL OHIO CRIME STOPPERS WEEKLY MOST WANTED SUSPECT:Mia Ann Ingram Description:Female/Black, 25, 5’2”, 130lbs., Black Hair, Brown Eyes CHARGES:Forgery-Utter, Receiving Stolen Property                       Case Number:2014-11819-1,2 Incident Description Mia Ann Ingram is being sought for receiving a stolen check and presenting the stolen check for cash at a local check … [Read more...]

Kyosha Marie Moore (Aggravated Robbery)

Kyosha Moore

On Sunday, June 30, 2013, at 9:24pm, Kyosha Moore and an accomplice robbed and shot a man at his residence on Studer Avenue. Kyosha is described as Female/Black, 24, 5'8", 160lbs., Black Hair, Brown Eyes. Those with information should contact Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, 614-461-8477 or Columbus Police Det. Todd Cress, 614-645-2601. Case Number: 2013 CR A 016209. … [Read more...]

Laketa Starks – Wanted for Taking Identity of Another

Laketa Starks

SUSPECT: Laketa Shanee Starks Description: Female/Black, 32, 5'2", 185lbs., Brown Hair, Brown Eyes CHARGES: Taking the Identity of Another; Tampering with Records Case Number: 2013 CR A 000069-1,2 Incident Description Laketa Starks is being sought for taking the identity of another. Ms. Starks applied for an Ohio Identification Card in the name of another person. An … [Read more...]

Forgery in Westerville

COW 10-36

On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, at 3:33pm, a Male/White and a Female/White entered Allen's Coin Shop, located at 399 S. State Street. The couple presented a stolen credit card to purchase a $1,400 white gold and diamond bracelet. Surveillance photos of the suspects may be viewed at our website, The suspects are described as: 1) Female white, 5'5"-5'7", 105-120lbs, long black … [Read more...]

Weekly Most Wanted

Everett Gagnon

SUSPECT: Everett Gagnon Description: Male/White, 51, 5'10", 172lbs., Brown Hair, Brown Eyes CHARGE: Theft by Deception Case Numbers: 2013 CR A 000765 Incident Description Everett Gagnon is being sought for Theft by Deception. Gagnon was paid $4500 to install windows but did not perform the work. Contact Office Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, 614-461-8477 or Columbus Police Det. … [Read more...]

Theft at Eyeglass Wearhouse

COW 2-3-13 4

On Wednesday, December 19, 2012, at 5:37pm, an unidentified male black and an unidentified female white entered the Eyeglass Wearhouse store located at 1502 Bethel Road. Under the guise of shopping for eyeglasses, the couple shoplifted Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, and Ray-Ban brand eyeglass frames valued at over $1,700. The couple exited the store within five minutes. Still photos taken from the … [Read more...]

Austin Schmalz & Brandon Burton – Weekly Most Wanted

Brandon Lee Burton

CENTRAL OHIO CRIME STOPPERS WEEKLY MOST WANTED SUSPECT: Austin Mark Schmalz Description: Male/White, 30, 6'4", 225lbs., Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes CHARGE: Aggravated Trafficking of Heroin SUSPECT: Brandon Lee Burton Description: Male/White, 30, 5'10", 180lbs., Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes CHARGE: Complicity in Aggravated Trafficking of Heroin Case Numbers: 2012 CR A 031825; … [Read more...]

Lauwanna Anntrell Williams – Wanted for Identity Fraud

Lauwanna Williams

SUSPECT: Lauwanna Anntrell Williams Description: Female/Black, 33, 5’4”, 150lbs., Black Hair, Brown Eyes CHARGES: Identity Fraud Case Number: 2012 CR A 028378 Incident Description Lauwanna Williams has been identified as the suspect using credit cards stolen from elderly female victims. The suspect usually executes thefts with the assistance of an unknown … [Read more...]