About Us


Founded in 1977, to promote the welfare of communities throughout the country and to lessen the burdens of federal, state and local governments by:

a) Assisting their law enforcement agencies in the apprehension and conviction of criminals, primarily through the establishment and support of new and existing state and local Crime Stopper Programs.

b) Training and advising law enforcement personnel and others who participate in such programs.

c) Helping to motivate members of the public to cooperate with their respective law enforcement agencies.

d) Stimulating and encouraging the flow of information to, among and between various law enforcement agencies.

e) Creating and circulating films, video and sound tapes, and printed material about crime prevention and Crime Stopper Programs, and otherwise promoting such programs.

f) Visiting places where existing or potential Crime Stopper Programs are located to advise concerning the operation thereof.


Central Ohio Crime Stoppers programs include an anonymous tipster hotline, a “Most Wanted” program in finding fugitive felons, promoting Student Crime Stoppers programs in area high schools and college campuses, and the creation of other programs to help local law enforcement.

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers consistently gives out over $35,000 in rewards to anonymous tipsters every year. Our apprehension rate for wanted fugitive felons averages 85%.

Who We Are

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers is a vital 3-way link between law enforcement, news media, and the general public by “Working Together to Solve Crime.”